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Labneh Recipe with Zeitouna Olive Oil

Labneh is a traditional Lebanese dish made from Yogurt drizzled with Olive Oil. Every person in Lebanon grew up eating Labneh, especially as a wrap with Lebanese bread & olive oil for breakfast. You can find Labneh in every Lebanese household’s fridge at any time.

And it is one of my favourite dishes ever! Labneh is very easy to make, and can be served in different ways:

  • Scoop up with a piece of Lebanese bread or pita bread as the Lebanese do
  • Eat it with some cucumber sticks
  • Serve it with some crackers or croutons or slice bread
  • Spread it on bread & add olives


  • Plain yogurt (depends on how much you would like to make)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Zeitouna Olive Oil


  1. Place a large cheesecloth or muslin towel or calico bag over the strainer.
  2. Pour the Yogurt on the towel or in the bag.
  3. Bring the edges of the towel together and tie them up.
  4. Hang the towel / bag over the sink for the water to drain out, or store in the fridge with the strainer until all of the water has drained out.
  5. Remove Labneh from cloth and store it in a container and drizzle Zeitouna Extra Virgin Olive Oil over it. You can never put too much.

Usually takes around 12 hrs for the water to drain out and for the Labneh to be ready. For soft creamy Labneh, leave it for less than 12 hrs or check on it to ensure the right consistency.

Labneh must be stored in a fridge and can last up to 7 days.

Other Ways To Serve Labneh

  • You can sprinkle some zaatar on top of Labneh and drizzle with Zeitouna Olive Oil.
  • You can mix Labneh with finely chopped cucumbers, green onions & tomatoes and drizzle Zeitouna Olive Oil.